Thursday, March 29, 2012

Want To Rent Your Puerto Banus Property? Accessibility is key

For those of you who are considering renting out your property in the Marbella area for a long term contract (11 months), it is imperative that the listing agent you choose has easy access to your keys. On occasions the owner opts for a third party key holder and whilst this is fine when the residence is empty, when it needs to be shown quickly, it can prove problematic.

There are many prospective renters about at the moment, but clients can often phone an agency and want to view properties immediately. If access can´t be gained, then clients will simply view what they can get immediate entry to. Straight away you have lost out on tenants.

In some cases key holders can be deliberately difficult, as if the property is rented they may not get their residual maintenance fee. Now, that is certainly not always the case and there are many excellent key holders out here in the Marbella area that really do have their owners interests at heart. There are also some bad apples, so listen to what your agent has to say about how easy it is to contact the keyholder and how willing they are to turn up on the spare of the moment.

NB Make sure you vet keyholders and agents very carefully.

If you want to rent out your property in Puerto Banus or anywhere in Marbella, click here and fill out the form so we can discuss how we can help you.

Villa For Long Term Rental Near Puerto Banus Marbella

Here is a great example of a luxury Puerto Banus long term rental villa property that offers absolute beachfront living. Close to a newly built promenade that will take right up to the Ocean Club in Puerto Banus, this newly renovated house is definitely presented in a stylish manner.

The property has a games room and furnished in a contemporary modern style that so many people find desirable. You can easily walk to the restaurants below the Guadalpin Banus and the great beach bar situated in front of it.

This is a large house that looks directly across to the beach. To the west you have the San Pedro promenade with its restaurants and bars, in other words, you are walking distance to everything.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

La Alzambra Puerto Banus for Long Term Rent

La Alzambra Puerto Banus

If you pass through under the bridge by the Dali Rhino keep going past the roundabout, when you come to the second roundabout and look left, you will see the urbanisation of La Alzambra. Built by the luxury developer, Vasari this collection of complexes offers a good standard of accomodation within close proximity to Puerto Banus.

On your immediate right after the security gate you have phase 2, then phase 1 after the road turning right and finally phase 3. The 1st phase offers spacious properties, with slightly older qualities, the 2nd phase, better than the 1st and finally the 3rd and best apartments.

You may be able to find a rental in the oldest phase with 2 bedrooms for around the €1300 mark, than will increase by increments of 15%-20% in the subsequent phases. The gardens within the final phase are exceptional and there are also 2 villas within the grounds, although I have never seen them come up for rental.

The are also townhouses in Alzambra for long term rental again offering decent qualities and plenty of space.

La Alzambra Villas

On the left hand side after the security office you also have some Alzambra villas for long term rental, many have pools
and good size gardens (approx 800m2), some of which have 7 bedrooms and a basement area.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Long Term Renting Your Property in Puerto Banus Marbella

There was a massive influx of investors buying properties a number of years ago on the Costa Del Sol. A gold rush mentality certainly existed from 1999-2001 and houses flew off the shelves, often 2 at a time from the same buyer. Rightly or wrongly, they were advised to double up and perhaps sell one, and with the profit they made they would end up being mortgage free. We know what happened shortly after that period.

Long Term Rentals Can Help Cover Your Expenses

For people who have over exposed themselves, long term renting can be a way of mitigating your outgoings and allowing you to cover the monthly costs you are liable for. Mortgage payments, community fees, yearly taxes etc will continue to leave your account regardless. Rentals can certainly get you some income to cover the majority, if not all of your costs.

What Expenses Will I be Liable for?

You will be liable for community fees and all of your yearly taxes. You will also be liable for maintenance, as long as it isn´t caused by your tenant doing something ridiculous. The good news is that the tenant will pay the electricity, water bill, phone bills so all the standard monthly outgoings will be signed over to the renters name.

Commission Charged By Agencies

For agencies specialising in Marbella long term rentals, standard fees would be 1 months rent. Anyone whose commission exceeds this for an 11 month rental just isn´t being competitive. Generally for 6 month rentals, 50% of the first months rent would be taken. Agents often work together, using a MLS (multi listing service) platform, so if two agents were involved in getting a rental for your property, they would split the commission between them.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

La Alcazaba Banus

La Alcazaba Long Term Rentals in Puerto Banus

This development is incredibly popular for a number of reasons. Firstly it has been around for a substantial length of time and secondly the complex itself is very attractive, with well maintained gardens and on site restaurants. And finally Alcazaba is near to everything in the Port, but far enough away not to be disturbed with excessive noise.

The development is situated close to the southerly most point of Puerto Banus and relatively close to the N340 (you can´t hear the road). You are very close to the east entrance/exit of the marina so getting to Marbella, Estepona and even Gibraltar would be pretty easy, obviously heading west will become even quicker when the San Pedro bypass is completed (supposedly the end of the year, but looking at its current state of completion this is highly unlikely)

Apartment Prices

We have several Alcazaba Banus long term rentals including this huge 200m2 2 bedroom penthouse for €2000 per month. It is possible to get a good 2 bedroom property within this development for €1200-1400 per month.

Benefits of La Alcazaba Banus

  • Well located
  • Excellent gardens
  • Onsite restaurants including a pool bar and Polynesia
  • Manned from entrance

  • Older development so unrenovated apartments can look tired
  • Heavily rented in summer months
Overall this is a well maintained Puerto Banus long term rental favourite, with many positives. The apartments are spacious and there is plenty to do there in the summer months. The entrance almost feels like a hotel, with the conscierge on the front desk.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Playa Rocio and Granados Banus Long Term Rentals

There are 2 popular developments situated on the east side of the marina in Puerto Banus, Playa Rocio, situated directly next to the Dali sculpture of a rhino and the main road that takes you to the Lavante beach. The second is Granados De Banus, a more expensive development created by the well known developer Espacio, whose office is also in Banus.

Playa Rocio

This complex is a good option for those seeking a long term rental in Puerto Banus as it is beachfront and has a lovely pool area and gardens looking straight at the Levante beach and the La Pesquera restaurant. 2 bedroom apartments can be found here for around the €1100 mark and 3 beds are often marketed for €1300-1400. The apartment qualities are of a decent standard and many have sea views. Bear in mind for the figures I have given above, you could be added as much as another 30% on top of that for a clear sea view.

Los Granados De Banus

This is a well kept, higher level complex that has a whole host of amenities including an indoor heated pool, gymnasium and a 24 hour security desk at the front of the development. Prices for this development are considerably more than Playa Rocio, this long term rental in Granados de Banus is currently being marketed for €6,800, obviously is has amazing views and is pretty near the sea. For a 2 bedroom apartment without views, you would pay approximately €2,500 per month.

Granados Banus is a well known development and the developer, Espacio has a long history of building high quality developments here in the Marbella area and also Estepona. They are always built to a high standard. Granados de Banus is no exception, the interiors however in some apartments can look a little dated, as they have grey marble and older appliances and work surfaces in the kitchens.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Terrazas De Banus Long Term Rentals in Puerto Banus Marina

The level of property with the highest number of prospective renters is without doubt the €900-€1400 bracket. There are several choices within the confines of Puerto Banus and here I will give you an understanding of the complexes that would meet this criteria.

Terrazas De Banus

This development has been around since the late nineties and has always proved a popular choice. Set on Avenida Julio Iglesias, this is as close to the Marina as you can get, without being subjected to a barrage of noise from the bars and restaurants.

The apartments follow the 2 bed 2 bath layout and also the same formulaic 3 bedroom and penthouse distribution of rooms (the penthouse having a spiral staircase in the lounge up to the next level). The properties are finished to what I would describe as an average standard, but because of the location this tends to pale into insignificance. 2 bed properties can be found for the €1000 mark relatively easily. 3 bedrooms and penthouses are obviously north of that figure.

  • Well located
  • Reasonable sizes
  • Good security
  • Nice pool area and facilities
  • 24 hour security

  • Some apartments look tired
  • Often furnishings suit holiday lets rather than long term
  • Can still be noisy internally over summer months due to holiday makers
For people working in the Port or even close by, this continues to be a favourite as there are excellent transport connects very close by. Look at several properties within this development before renting to get a proper feel, also if you can find out whether your neighbours do holiday lets. Here is an example of an apartment in Terrazas De Banus for long term rental.