Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finding Long Term Rentals in Puerto Banus

The Puerto Banus area proper is everything directly on the beachside of the road as you enter from the N340. Many people class properties on the other side of the road as being within the Banus area, but in actual fact that is not correct. There are several well known developments in Puerto Banus and with this blog I will try to give you a good insight into what developments are available for you to make your job easier when looking for Puerto Banus long term rentals.

Your Budget

This is an important part of establishing what sort of thing you are looking for, as to be directly in the marina area the least you will pay for a property per month with be around the €700. That would be in one of the older buildings directly on the Marina. Be aware that unless the apartment in this development has really good double glazing, you need to be prepared for some noisy nights, particularly in the summer time, where bars literally go on until 5 in the morning.

Marina Banus

A more prudent option may be the development of Marina Banus, situated opposite El Corte Ingles and therefore away from the bars and restaurants. You may have to dig pretty hard to find a property under the €800 mark, but if you look hard enough they do come up from time to time. Our company does currently have a Marina Banus long term rental, it is however a 1 bedroom property.

I will contiue to give further information on pricing and also the various places to rent in Banus, at all levels and budgets. I have lived and worked in the area for over 8 years, so hopefully you will find my insights valuable in helping you in your search for your ideal rental property.

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